About Margaret

Margaret Brewczynska is an accomplished interior designer with over 15 years of experience transforming homes worldwide.


Based in Dubai, Margaret brings a blend of European elegance, Middle Eastern influences, and an intuitive understanding of client needs to each of her luxury design projects.


With a background in architecture, Margaret’s foundation in spatial design informs her holistic interior concepts. She is constantly honing her skills and expanding her rich design vocabulary through a lifelong passion for her craft.


Margaret’s interiors seamlessly integrate functionality, aesthetics, and comfort to craft bespoke living experiences clients are thrilled to inhabit.


Margaret’s design process always begins with intently listening to understand each client’s unique lifestyle, taste, and goals.


She skillfully translates these insights into striking, personalized designs that balance sophistication and livability. While adept at realizing clients’ visions, Margaret also delights in unlocking possibilities they never imagined.


In addition to residential design, Margaret brings her artistic eye and technical precision to boutique hospitality and commercial projects.


Her spaces enchant through elegant details and room flows that invite exploration while maintaining an airy, uncluttered aesthetic.

When not traveling for design projects, Margaret enjoys staying abreast of innovations and global interior trends.


She actively expands her network within the design community to creatively collaborate and realize ever-more ambitious commissions.


However, the spark of joy in a client’s eyes upon seeing their realized vision remains Margaret’s greatest reward.


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What my clients say...

“I have always been hesitant to use the services of an interior designer as I am a visual person and being provided with a mood board with various pictures and fabrics would not work for me. As we were about to embark on a major renovation to our property I wanted to make sure that I got it right. I came across Margaret’s website and was immediately drawn to her. Having used the services of Margaret I can truly say it is MONEY WELL SPENT. Margaret’s visuals are beyond belief and you are able to see exactly what each room is going to look like down to a simple picture frame. We would not have been able to come remotely close if we hadn’t employed Margaret. If you are unsure or a non-believer like me I can guarantee you will be converted what you see on her website is what you get and a whole lot more. I would recommend Margaret in a heartbeat Thanks, Margaret we would have been lost without you.”
Modern interior design
Dionne & Andy
"Hi Margaret, wow Sachin just woke up at 2 pm! He absolutely loves the room, thank you very much, it does look amazing. I really like the whole effect, once again the visuals seem spot on!"
Modern interior design
Shiten P.
“We are very pleased to have worked with you. We can see how much you want to help the client, which really is a rarity. Really appreciate it.”
Modern interior design
Anna S.
"Margaret and I had an immediate connection with regards to the design and refurbishment of my new home. She listened to my requirements and helped to achieve a fantastic space that complimented our lifestyles perfectly. The most astonishing aspect of the process was how closely the actual result matched the design visuals; amazing!"
Modern interior design
Bijal M.
“We have seen the bathroom – it is literally a wonder!! We are very, very happy with the results and really appreciate your ideas and work on our project. We couldn’t imagine finishing our home without your help. Once again, very, very grateful – you are amazing.”
Modern interior design
Sophie D
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