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Droga Małgorzato I have a rectangular-shaped kitchen sized 5×4m, which I am re-designing. I’d love to have a place for friends to sit when they come over, within a room that I can easily hide any clutter. For the cooking area itself, I’m thinking that I’d like to incorporate a bank of appliances along one wall with plenty of storage. I would also like an induction hob. Can you create a rectangular-shaped kitchen design that would work for me please? Zoe Ann Moss, London

Rectangular-shaped kitchen layout ideasA rectangular-shaped kitchen design is simple and practical…

…but need not be boring! By incorporating a distinctive and personal colour scheme, creating clearly defined work areas and adding a few carefully planned details, it is easy to achieve a unique and impressive kitchen with a stylish edge.

First thing to remember…

The first thing to remember when working with a room with both cooking and eating areas is to consider the way in which the distinct zones relate to and complement one another. You need to establish a sense of separation between them, while ensuring the complete space works as a whole.

Rectangular-shaped kitchen design 1Divide the room…

I used a small breakfast bar to divide the room, giving the symmetrical shape some structure. This bar provides extra workspace, a place to grab a bite to eat, or to do some paperwork. With this open setup, it’s a good idea to create an area where mess can be hidden away when guests visit. This is done here by a short stud wall that shields part of the kitchen space from view of the breakfast bar.

Use bold colour…

The scheme incorporates bold panels of red, black and white. These are striking colours but are not fussy or hard to match up. The warming red could easily be exchanged for a lilac, a metallic shade or any hue of your choice, really! The colours are used within the fabric of the room, on the walls and breakfast bar to really enhance the dramatic, clean look and tie everything together with a cohesive finish.

Rectangular-shaped kitchen design 2Coloured glass panels over the worktops make a sleek, splash-proof and easy-to-clean wall surface, while the large fridge is enclosed within the panelled wall, to maintain the streamlined look.

Design simple lighting…

Simple lighting would be best for this room as there is already a lot going on with the colour and the smooth surfaces. Smart channels in the ceiling incorporate lamps, adding an unusual twist to standard overhead spotlights. The bulbs can also be positioned to define each area: the storage zone that incorporates the fridge along one wall; a food-prepping area close to the natural light from the window and to the left of the sink, a laundry zone to the right of the sink; and the cooking area facing the seating.

Rectangular-shaped kitchen design ideas and tips:
  • Do not underestimate the amount of storage space you will need – you can never have too much!
  • Sleek, smooth and undisturbed lines of a kitchen design will contribute to a neat look for the whole room. Here, appliances are fully integrated to aid the streamlined effect.





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