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Dear Margaret… I’d like to renovate my T-shaped kitchen, which leads on to the conservatory, and has tall ceilings and a wooden floor. Can you suggest a T-shaped kitchen design layout that includes a utility area, enables lots of storage space and has a family-friendly dining zone with room for my baby’s high chair please? Style-wise, I’d like a modern look, but am keen to have wooden worktops to aid a homelier feel.
Jennifer Harper, Essex

T-shaped kitchen layoutUnusual T-shaped kitchen design

The main challenge here is the kitchen’s unusual T-shape. The room is large, and with its tall ceiling, could easily feel out of proportion and unconducive to relaxation. I have therefore created elements within your room to help to visually correct these problems, closing off the utility room area to give a more naturally shaped room, and putting in a false ceiling to enclose the space more pleasingly.
My proposed layout divides the cooking zone from the dining area with a breakfast bar. This creates a distinction between them, while allowing for interaction between the two. It is also a convenient way to seat all the family under your watchful eye while preparing food in the kitchen.

The utility room

The utility room is now separated by a door that sits flush with a stylish storage wall. Hiding away the associated clutter and noise of this washing zone will make for a more serene ambience in your kitchen and dining space. This wall of units acts as a divide and gives storage space; the cupboard fronts are frosted glass, behind which glasses and china can be on partial display.

Mirror-fronted cupboards as storage

There are additional mirror-fronted cupboards in the dining area for storing linens and the high chair; having these things to hand will make daily life easier, and neater, too! The mirrored surfaces will magnify the natural light entering the room, illuminating and visually enlarging the space, making it more welcoming.

Use Timber worktops

With regards to other surface treatments, timber worktops complement the wooden floor, giving a sense of unity and further warmth to the room. Such materials make for a homely family kitchen, a place where you will want to spend time. I suggest cream-colour cupboard fronts to add a touch of freshness, lightness and contrast. For a unique finish, the addition of a glass splash back in green (or a hue of your choice) will add vibrancy, lifting the colour scheme.

Dark wood dining table and light fittings

I used dark wood for the dining table to keep the theme going; it also runs up the wall as shelving, giving continuous lines within the room. Cream dining chairs and barstools match the cupboard fronts, again tying in all the components to give a finished and styled appearance. Likewise, light fittings should be kept similar throughout to help to unify the various zones, as too many contrasting items make a space confusing and garish. It is better to add interest and variety using different shapes and textures while adhering to a palette of two or three colours.

Large T-shaped kitchen design ideas

Large T-shaped kitchen design tips:

  • To make the proportions of a room more pleasing, you can put in a false ceiling to decrease the height of the space.
  • Add a splash of colour to a neutral palette to bring a scheme to life.

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